Cheap Hotels Athens

Cheap Hotels Athens

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The legendary city of the gods and the cradle of civilization and mother of democracy, Athens was home to many philosophers, writers and politicians of the ancient world and classic.

Athens has a great variety of Roman monuments and bizantinii, is the perfect place for everyone and for every type of holiday.

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Athens is a city full of life, that special and unique sensations for those who love to discover every corner, that fascinates the lovers of archaeology and history and that surprises those who love having fun. Its magnificent monuments of ancient times turns to modernity of its neighborhoods: Athens has the privilege not to resemble any other cities of Greece and is the perfect combination between the atmosphere from big cities and small villages.

Don't miss a visit to the Acropolis, the National Archaeological Museum and the nearby neighborhood of Thisio neoclassical appearance, plenty of cafes, traditional taverns and trendy, from where you can enjoy a wonderful view of the Parthenon especially at sunset. To explore the Monastiraki market and Plàka.