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Cheap Hotels Sydney

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Sydney is a city in South-Eastern Australia ’, capital of the State of new South Wales, It is the oldest city in Australia (It was founded in 1788) and most populous. Along with Melbourne, his eternal rival for the title of most important city d ’ Australia, represents the financial heart, the nation's commercial and cultural.

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The city of Sydney, municipality which includes the historical nucleus developed around Sydney Cove, covers a small area of only 25 km ² for 169.505 in, While the great Sydney is a ’ much larger metropolitan area, covering the entire basin of ’ Parramatta, extending from the Bay of Port Jackson up to Botany and to internal ’, with a population of over 10 million residents. There is no administrative authority which covers all urban ’, If you exclude the period 1945 – 1964, When this function was carried out by the Cumberland County Council.

Sydney is a major destination for local and international tourism and was several times awarded as one of the most beautiful and liveable cities in the world; It is admired for its Bay, the beautiful coast, the warm and pleasant climate and cosmopolitan culture. Among the recent events that have conferred greater prestige and international visibility include the Sydney Olympics 2000 and the XXIII World Youth Day, in 2008. Sydneysiders are called sydneysiders or, less frequently, sydneyites.